Tuesday, 15 December 2015


We are living in an age
Where truth or deception
Get just as much of
A clamourous reception

From the faking of a death threat
To making up attacks
The media aren't interested
In the banality of facts

But what do you expect
When you overemphasize
Panic, fear and hatred
And the need for a reprise

Where a bearded i-pad userRequires extra scrutiny
Where trusting one another
Is a kind of mutiny

And now the drums are thumping
We see danger at every turn
Every shape and shadow
Is a matter for our concern

It's true that as a country
We are being radicalised
But not quite in the way
Some commentators have surmised

So, sit back and watch
But don't believe all you see
The sounds that you are hearing
Have been tailored perfectly

Keep a lookout for the manacles
And the tightening of the chains
For this will be our future
Unless we use our brains




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