Thursday, 17 January 2019


Brexitland is a faraway place
And yet it’s there, just on the horizon
But nobody knows how we get there
Whether one walks, or drives, or flies in

And what is there is shrouded in myth
An Atlantis or a Never never land
Has it unicorns, or ogres, no one knows
But we won’t be led by the hand

MP’s stand back, and usher us on
Like pawns in a game of chess
Not caring which way the pieces fall
No desire to clean up the mess

So let’s choose again before it’s too late
The drawbridge still straddles the moat
Decide if we really want to be at siege
By giving us a second vote

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Their talk spins in circles
Spiralling down
Half are confused
And wearing a frown

They begin once again
But still no more clear
There's no way I can see
An end being near

They don't seem to realise
That they broadly agree
If they listened harder
We all might be free

Is this an agreement?
No, a false dawn
I'm beginning to struggle
To stifle a yawn

I can see a way forward
But I don't really feel
That I have a say
Or the confidence to steal

The floor from my colleagues
But I have a hunch
That if I spoke up
We could all go to lunch

Monday, 14 January 2019


She think's that I'm magic
That it's in my fingertips
When I make a pom-pom disappear
There is wonder on her lips

She thinks I have the answers
To each question that comes to mind
That I know just where to turn to
That there's nothing I can't find

She thinks I have the strength
When I spin her high in the air
That I can shoulder burdens
When confiding in me her cares

She knows that I'm her Daddy
That I'm always there for her
Protecting; Loving; Supporting
In whatever should occur

Wednesday, 9 January 2019


If one of them is getting a hug
The other wants one too
If one says they need a pee
The other suddenly needs a poo

If one brings chocolate home from school
They have to have half each
Or else to avoid an argument
You put it where neither can reach

If one is forced to stay at home
They begin to howl and shout
To them the other is better treated
Of that they have no doubt

Even though you try your best
To be fair, and act without bias
You can never keep them both happy
With each day they really try us

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Making it Back

Going back to work again
How I wish a different life
Making a living with a pen
Staying home alongside my wife

Not that it's a fantasy
Unlikely is truer name
And I don't think I could be happy
If I had to deal with fame

But first of all I'll have to sit
And write a word or two
Climb up out of a mental pit
Not think, but actually do

For now there is no real choice
Bills to pay and kids to raise
Practice finding my true voice
With what I have, and enjoy the days.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Goodbye Snow

Goodbye to the snow, and the minus degrees
Goodbye to the dark, and the cold winter freeze
Goodbye to the air, and the wide open space
Goodbye to the quiet, and the much slower pace
But hello to our home, and a brand new year
Now aiming to start in creative top gear!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Sleepy Start

Early morning and so little sleep
But no new year vigil did we keep
Fidgeting kids that are staying awake
Non-sleeping starts are hard to take
There could not be a much worse sign
That I'm tempted by a glass of wine
Before the sun's begun to rise
I find it it hard to keep this disguise
Of mind and spirit held in harmony
And resilient to all adversity