Sunday, 31 May 2015


Just like the class of 2004,
They passed and played with aplomb.
Fast, complex and intricate moves,
Flowing with flair and creativity.
No hint of doubt; All confidence,
Incisive and decisive,
A directness that rents the defence apart.
Crosses met with volleys and strikes,
That snap off the crossbar and bulge the net.
A victory deserved for a manager much maligned,
Who has now taken six cup wins,
Through his refined tactics.
And though FIFA has blackened the name of football,
It’s Arsenal who have proved that the game,
Can indeed be beautiful

Saturday, 30 May 2015


An early start on a chilly morning
Coffee drunk and I’ve finished yawning
Out into nature, amongst the trees
The meadows, the flowers, the birds, and the bees

Hum of the river as it flows from its source
In one field are goats, in another is a horse
The view of the valley, beautiful and sweeping
By the side of the path a bed of nettles creeping

Rabbits in a field, twitching their ears
Sounds of the motorway drowned out by the weirs
Robin’s and Magpie’s swoop in the air
It makes me stop, it makes me stare

I fill up my lungs with air fresh and sweet
It couldn’t be further from a busy London street
I wish I could be in the country every week
Spending my day amongst its charm and mystique

Friday, 29 May 2015


My beat is off key
And rhythm is out
Routines have bitten the dust.

The day to day structure
Of ordinary life
Erodes into a facade.

Grounding is gone
Can't seem to spark
Energy snuffed out at source.

Empty without you
Cold in the dark
You're missed, much more than you know.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


A dark day for a global game
When they seized the ones who were to blame
For corruption, kickbacks, more of the same
All of which had blackened the name
Of football.

For Blatter this is a bitter blow
Although he'll say he didn't know
The sponsors say he'll have to go
For presiding over an historic low
For football.

If 2022 is run again
To rid itself of the Qatari stain
A question then will still remain
Of the workers who have died in vain
For football.

It could be a chance to clear the rot
To simple stop chasing the money pot
For untying the obscurity knot
And improve the trust people have got

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


If the Catholic Church is against you
Then you must be on the right track.
Vilifying the Irish
For daring to back gay marriage
All the while covering up child abuse
Buggery and molestation
That to me sounds more like
A defeat for humanity.
Not to mention their history
Of violence and crusade,
Of censorship; That they are losing
Their voice, their relevance
In a modern world is good.
Their iron grip of warped values
Commands no longer.
Usurped by a tolerance
Which demands friendship and forgiveness.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


You can't compete
When it's being rigged
By the fat cats
Who have pigged out
At our expense.

From their point of view
It only makes sense
To bribe for delays,
Or collude in cartels
Stick to the ways to keep control
And dominate.

While governments sit back
And procrastinate at their behest
Allowing them
To hoard their wealth.

While the rest of us
And the planet's health are ignored.
The free market is not free
And the truth is there
For us all to see if we looked.

Monday, 25 May 2015


Will our future selves remember
The days that have passed
Or will we rely on computer aids
And for the batteries to last

Will all knowledge have to be inserted
In chips or interface download
Will we change our personalities
Or have an on/off mode

Digitially we can record
And recall so very much more
But there’s something sacred in a memory
Our personal history store