Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I wish the world would stay
Far, far away from me
A barge pole length apart
With me hiding under
My duvet

I wish the world would
Leave me alone
Stop buzzing me like a
Spying drone of bees;
I'll switch off my phone

I wish the world wasn't
Quite so foul
That it makes me want to
Scream and howl
Wrapped up in my towel

My safety net
That dries me when I'm wet
A call for help when
I whip it around
Above my head; I'll bet

I look rather manic
Eyes volcano burning
Like a satanic soul
It won't necessarily follow
That I won't panic

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Canada - Ten Years On

Ten years ago exactly I flew out to Canada to embark on a two and a half month journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, something I find hard to imagine even as I write this. I still have many fond memories and images in my head that surely it could not be that long ago? But it is; The date on the front of the calendar proves it.

So, over the next few months, as a project to myself, I will write some posts based on the places that I visited and my memories of them, along with a few photos. It will be fun for me to relive my experiences and share them with you, and will hopefully be of interest to anyone who reads them.

One of the overwhelming memories I have of that trip to Canada was the friendliness of the people I met there, whether they be youth hostel employees, museum ticket vendors or barmen. Not to mention the people I met in hostels, both local and foreign. So much so, that when I returned to London I found myself trying to talk to people in shops! A cardinal sin which any Londoner will know and I was soon pushed back into my old ways by the silences and the stares.

I was also amazed by the dramatic landscapes; The forests and lakes, mountains and waterfalls (well one waterfall in particular), and the expanse of skies. I have only really experienced anything like it since in Sweden. And coming from a relatively small island, I had to adjust my distorted sense of distance. Here a few hours will take you from one side of Britain to the other, whereas there it will barely get you across a province.

I grew a beard for the first time while there; A much bigger, bushier one than that which I have now. I learned to enjoy ice hockey, as well as getting a taste for a Tim Horton's with a boston creme donut.

All in all it was a wonderful trip, and I hope I can get that across in my future travelogues / reminiscences as we go from east coast to west.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


The foxes are in the henhouse
The cock has lost its spurs
The guns misfired
And let them escape
Sky blue thinking
Has lost its shape

The foxes are in the clubhouse
As the end of the season blurs
The blues and red devils
Suffered devils and blues
But Leicester's champions
Are the headline news