Thursday, 25 February 2016


Health and safety; You're having a laugh!
It's more like people not paying attention.

   More involved in their own little lives
   Waiting for texts from friends, kids and wives

In this world of image, of posing and pretension

   They need their head knocking to create some sense
   But it's unlikely you'd notice any difference

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Being Single

Oh it’s hard to be single
On Valentines day
With no-one to cuddle
And no-one to say
“I love you dearly
You are my one
My dearest sweetheart
My honeybun”

Oh it’s hard to be single
And go out for a meal
To see a romantic
2-for-1 deal
With no-one to eat with
No starter to share
And you feel the couples
All around stare

Oh it’s hard to be single
In the age of the “date”
Is it my personality?
Or is it just fate?
To be forever alone
Forever just me
A tag of loneliness
Of which you’ll never be free

Oh it’s hard to be single
On Valentines day
Everyone asks you
“Are you sure you’re not gay?”
You’re letting down family
Letting down friends
And only by pairing
Can you make amends

Single or otherwise? You can still download my Haiku Collection Love and the Valentine

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Lying in bed listening
In the middle of the night

The sound of the neighbour
Beating his partner

The sobs and the grief
And the bitter cries

Leaving their mark
On my imagination

A public display
With no attempt at pretence

A tragic drama
Of domestic violence

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

New Project

Following last year's regular "almost" poem-a-day deluge, I've been quiet for a month on this blog, trying to work out a new project; One that will not take too much time away from my usual day job of being a Dad, especially since a second one is on the way in not too many months.

Anyway after some time of thought and reflection I have decided to put together some collections of Haiku over the coming year. Each collection will have its own subject area and they will be available as PDF downloads.

Here is a link to my downloads page from the blog and as you can see, the first collection is already available.

New collections will appear from time to time on the blog, depending on when I can spare the time to write and post, so please bear with me.