Saturday, 30 May 2015


An early start on a chilly morning
Coffee drunk and I’ve finished yawning
Out into nature, amongst the trees
The meadows, the flowers, the birds, and the bees

Hum of the river as it flows from its source
In one field are goats, in another is a horse
The view of the valley, beautiful and sweeping
By the side of the path a bed of nettles creeping

Rabbits in a field, twitching their ears
Sounds of the motorway drowned out by the weirs
Robin’s and Magpie’s swoop in the air
It makes me stop, it makes me stare

I fill up my lungs with air fresh and sweet
It couldn’t be further from a busy London street
I wish I could be in the country every week
Spending my day amongst its charm and mystique

1 comment:

  1. Nice, one of your better poems, I think. It speaks to me.