Thursday, 3 December 2015


Our only response is a knee-jerk reaction
To the civilians killed by a terrorist faction
In a rain of bombs to destroy and to burn
In which we will kill their innocent’s in turn

There are alternative strategies to take
Cut off the money for oil trades they make
And to take away routes by which they are armed
Would ensure that no ordinary people are harmed

Bombs don’t win wars, they’ve not done so before
History is a thing that you can’t just ignore
If anything it steeled the population’s resolve
The spirits of London and Dresden didn’t dissolve

And what is winning, in this situation
There’s no thought to the future Syrian nation
Two years past we were told that the man was very bad
And now we’re coming in on the side of Assad

We’ve not learned the lessons of 2003
When we toppled Saddam with victorious glee
Only to create a vacuum of power
And a situation we’ve caused to turn rather sour

And will we be safer any more than we were
Or will this be a reason they can use as a spur
“They want to destroy us”; “Let’s give them fear”
They’ll be ready to tell whoever will hear

So why not try peace, once and for all
Although this may be an unpopular call
For the hawks of this world whose shout is the same
As if the murder of anyone is nothing more than a game

I’m sad it’s not the outcome for which I have yearned
And that we’ve proved once again that we have not learned
Despite having gone through supposed civilising years
Aggressive reactions end in nothing but tears

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