Friday, 16 October 2015


Is this a conscious uncoupling
Between the cost of living
And the cost of a roof
Over our heads

Our overheads
With the deletion of rent
Are diminishing
As is our ability
And our hope to buy

We are trapped
Like the hamster in a wheel
Scampering faster
To stay in the same place

Staying in the same place
Even as our needs
And families increase
Conditions more cramped

The cost of moving
Is a barrier we cannot leap
Kept in situ
By the watchtowers and rabid dogs
Of unscrupulous landlords
And foreign buyers
Of buy-to-letter's
And unhelpful government

Is it conscious?
We'd like to think not
But if so, more shame on them
As they pull the ladder higher
Out of reach, out of sight
And at the same time
Pulling the rugs from under our feet

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