Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Torn apart,
And then privatised
Decommissioned, sold,
Or carved up to be franchised
Closed down, or amended
With their terms revised
And yet it's the immigrants
Who are being chastised

Schools have to change
All their priorities
And no longer answerable
To local authorities
A stretched NHS
Struggling with capacities
And yet the blame
Is on ethnic minorities

The railways, post office
Now held for financial gain
And we're having to justify
The BBC again
They say "Go Home"
With their ad campaign
Criticising immigration
With the same refrain

The truth behind
The country's lesion
Are their closures, and destruction
Region by region
Setting poor against poor
Weakens the glue of adhesion
And it's there you will find
Our lack of cohesion

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