Thursday, 25 June 2015


None of us want to see
Our rubbish on the street
Sewers exist for poo and pee
To decontaminate our feet

And the government it seems
Feels the same about migration
Ignoring all the tortured screams
Keeping us in isolation

You see, displacement of societies
Is a capitalist effect
Money making in it's varities
Creates waste when it goes unchecked

If capital and jobs are moved
Then there's no reason to stay
And globalisation has now proved
Gambles will be taken to find a way

By people wanting to improve their lives
In a safer, richer land
From one which, through war and famine, deprives
Where blood mingles with the sand

And rather than try to improve their lot
We want to set the dogs on them
Leave them behind barricades to rot
Using "unacceptable" to condemn

And yet they are the victims here
Not detritus to be swept
Under carpets; while the richest jeer
From ivory towers, maintained and kept

Does your conscience feel the tiniest prick?
Do you feel any sympathy?
Are you seeing now the capitalist trick
Causing civilisation's atrophy?

Migrations come from the wars we start
And a "cheap goods" lifestyle is to blame
But we don't have to continue playing our part
In the evil capitalist game

Let's welcome them with open arms
As humans with the same loves and cares
Recognise that the price of money harms
And end the world's nightmares

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