Tuesday, 9 June 2015


After we have our talk
I take a walk to clear my head
The sun still shines
Though the clouds form lines of grey
And the evening sky
Almost makes me cry as I remember
The way it used to be
When we were young and free, and not so scarred

Whatever happened to those days
When we could amaze each other?
When full of laughter
It seemed as if happy ever after was made for us.
We would discuss
How the world was there for us to take
In our heads we were wise
But our eyes just could not see the truth.

And now it comes to this
The end of the bliss of love's blossom
The crooked jigsaw's final pieces
That ceases the pain
When the end began
And when it ran away from us I don't know
But now the open sores
Of our petty wars have a chance to heal.

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