Friday, 13 March 2015


Do you consider yourself unlucky
Do things not go your way
Do you wake in the morning thinking
It's not going to be my day

Do the odds seem stacked against you
Is lady luck a myth
When life is giving you lemons
Do you choke on all the pith

Did the lottery of life forget you
Is there so much more that you want
Were you cursed, not blessed, by the priest
When he dipped you in the baptism font

Be glad that you weren't born a woman
With your salary ceiling fixed
If you breastfeed a child in public
You get eyes with anger transfixed

Be glad that you weren't born in famine
Accompanied by civil war
Hunger a constant you long to forget
And terror just outside of your door

Be glad you can make your own choices
That your life isn't wholly decreed
There's nothing to stop you from changing
Untie self made bonds and be freed

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