Friday, 13 February 2015


Darker chords inside my head
Melody sings beyond
Angels of a different flesh
Take up a cutting bond

And striking in a starry arc
Upon the skin-stretched drum
The song it echos louder now
Above the unearthly hum

Which bursting in a tonal edge
Echos with thunderclaps
Of demon applause within the wings
Hiding the strangled slaps

The chorus laughter rumbles on
Between the chainsaw smile
Of poison lips seduction barbed
Savage beauty to beguile

And waiting for a solo part
Like a man with a missing limb
The drill bit fixed between his teeth
Whines like a devil hymn

So with meat hooks or with scary masks
Or hammers with which to pound
We'll kill the beating, tinny frames
Of that buzzing headphone sound

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