Saturday, 9 March 2013


Graham had to admit that it looked suspicious; after all he had plenty of reasons why he might want to take revenge on his neighbours.
There was the incident the summer before when Mr Damsel had loaned him sunscreen, assuring him it was factor fifty. It ended up being factor fifteen and Graham’s sensitive skin got extremely sunburned. The Damsel’s never used sun cream apparently.
Then a few weeks ago Mrs Damsel had invited him around for dinner. However, the shrimps she had served as a starter were well past their sell-by date and Graham had diarrhoea for a week. The Damsel’s had cast-iron stomachs apparently.
But having said all that, it was an accident that the tiger had gotten loose during the dress rehearsal for the village amateur dramatics society performance of The Jungle Book. The Damsel’s didn’t know that you shouldn’t run away from a stalking tiger apparently.
Graham was sure that everyone would realise that it was just an honest mistake.


Type: Any
Location: Village
Age-group: Middle

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