Friday, 1 March 2013

Cots and All

Apologies to some of you; I used to get a bit bored about people talking about babies and all the stuff that comes with them before I was to become a father, but I will be talking a little about baby stuff today.
Our most pressing agenda recently has been cots. Ideally we would have gone for something that was made with ecologically sourced wood, as well as using nasty’s-free lacquer’s and glues. Sadly, such luxuries are well out of our price range and so we’ve had to settle for something from Ikea. We ordered it this week, and so will hopefully receive it next week. The whole thing is starting to feel much more real now.
However, we will be going for something much more organic when it comes to mattresses.
My wife has also almost finished making a baby blanket, which has now been quilted, but is just missing some binding for around the edge. The handmade patchwork side of it can be seen at her own blog Confessions…
She has also been busy making baby toys, including some extremely cute stuffed animals. I think that the baby is going to end up with more toys than me before it’s even born! But for a while I’ll get to play with them myself.
My hormonal fits have been starting to wear off I’m glad to say, I’ve not been feeling too up and down this week, just a little tired instead. I have some days off work next week and am looking forward to the rest, but we will be spending some time at the baby sling library in Greenwich. I’ll be able to tell you more about that next time.
We’ve also ordered a book this week called ‘The Diaper Free Baby’, which hopefully will explain methods of infant potty training which we intend to use. The concept is that babies are born with the instinctive knowledge not to want to soil themselves, and it’s a way of getting them to use a potty earlier than with other children. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Not only is it better for parents and child in the long run, it is also better for the environment. We’re hoping that it’s going to work, and we’ve read good things about it. Anyone else out there got any more information or advice for us? I’d love to hear it if you do.

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  1. They used leaves and grass in the past.... don't know if you want to go that 'organic' and 'natural'. good luck with the early potty training.