Sunday, 19 March 2017

Welcome to the Reboot

Any regular readers to this blog may notice both a change in title and a change in colour theme to this blog. Don't worry, you're not going mad.

I realised recently that I started this blog before my first daughter was born, and I had different intentions for it all the way back when. Now I find I rarely blog, and realised that it needed a refresh, and I needed a new way of looking at it - so here we are.

Since I don't get so much time for the creative writing, with these two scallywags now at home:

And since I primarily wanted this blog to be about writing, I have not really felt able to post much more general things (although I think I did more at first - hence the need for a change of perspective).

So, there will be poems, perhaps a story, but mostly it will be family things and thoughts on life and the world in general.

Welcome to the reboot!

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