Friday, 22 July 2016


Green tipped and glowing
They'll stand in the bays
The phallic obelisks
Of bygone days
Of Cold War paranoia
Gripping us like ice
A fear that is costly
And we pay the price

So why not disarm
With a casual shrug
Surprise all opponents
With a smile and a hug
What should scare us most
Is a doomsday device
Which we happily condone
Without thinking twice

For it does not defend
It retaliates
An eye for an eye
It's revenge that it sates
Can peace only be kept
If we stand at the brink?
On the verge of destruction
Hoping others will blink

But still the world rages
When perhaps it should repent
Over all the lives wasted
Over all the money spent
If there is collective conscience
Then we'll all collect the guilt
When nuclear war commences
Seeing the flower of mankind wilt

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