Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Where is the rage?
Where is the bile?
The poorest are suffering
And all of the while
The bankers get richer
Who created this mess
And politicians collude
To greater excess

Food banks are growing
Low pay is the norm
Benefits are cut
But the press misinform
They're not shirkers or scroungers
At least no more than the Royals
But as stereotyped villains
All our charity recoils

So where is the sympathy?
Our instinct to care
Where's the compassion?
Or do we not dare
To give into humanity
Let the ills flood in
Lest we get confused
As to where to begin

So we'll hide in our homes
We won't take to the streets
We'll stick on our SKY Box
And brand them all cheats
Let the Tories run roughshod
Over society as a whole
Until we're owned completely
Mind, body and soul



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