Saturday, 11 July 2015


How the Tories love their fictions
In their depictions of those
Beneath them
And how they love to change
The meanings of words
To make life more demeaning
For the poorest
The minimum wage
Has metamorphosed
For those of a certain age
Into the living wage
Never mind the fact
That even those blinded
By ideology can see
You couldn't live on it

And now a levy on renewables
A tax that's supposed
To fall on the backs
Of fossil fuels
To pay for climate change
To counteract
The dangers of global warming
You may as well force
The producers of cabbages
And peas to pay
For the causes
Of childhood obesities

So to a nation
They supposedly want to be
They have ripped out the rug
Of security for the young
Who have been flung almost
Into obscurity
By the grey votes
Of OAP's
Tuition fees and now no grants
So if they make it through
Universities unscathed
By sleepless nights
Unaddled by financial worry
They will be saddled
With sky-high debt
And the constant threat
Of bankruptcy
For all their blood and sweat.
A scant reward
Like water poured on the fires
Of ambition

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