Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Witch Upon the Hill

Upon a hill in the dead of night
The wind did rage about its height
And there a young man saw a sight
That stayed till his end of days.

A silhouette upon the peak
Of spirits dancing cheek to cheek
To this young man so mild and meek
Were such unusual ways.

But drawn he was and he did climb
And with each step felt the flow of time
Slow to a stop; And beauty sublime
He saw on the summit there.

Standing with her back to him
A body long, slender, slim
And wonder filled him to the brim
At her ravishing raven hair.

She turned and fixed a steely eye
A look upon him which did defy
And then turning into a fly
She buzzed about his face.

But he made no move so change again
She did into a clucking hen
A fox, a rabbit, a deer and then
A bride dressed in white lace.

"Love upon you, I do bestow
And when you find her you will know
But be faithful or be struck by woe"
She said, with a piercing gaze.

With that she turned into a mare
With a mane of raven hair
And left the stunned man standing there
As she leaped into the bonfire blaze.

And as the embers floated up
She left a gilded acorn cup
Full of wine which he did sup
And fell into a drowsy state.

Then awaking to the morning sound
He found himself on lower ground
With a shock he looked around
And wondered at his fate.

Was it real or just a dream
He could never quite decide.
But when he found his love and married
Remained faithfully at her side.

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