Friday, 1 February 2013

Twitter and the Haiku

In the past week or so I’ve noticed something very useful for the first time, about Twitter.
I’ve never really understood Twitter, never really “got it” so to speak, but then I’m probably a bit too old to understand it. In the same way that I don’t really understand iPad’s, Tablet’s or even Smartphones for that matter.
I’ve tried to use Twitter from time to time, but to get the most out of it you seem to have to be on there constantly following everybody else’s tweets in order to be able to respond to them. After all, if you only go on every few hours it’s already out of date.
And how you’re meant to know what the correct #hashtag is for each and every tweet I don’t know.
But anyway, I’ve noticed that Twitter is perfect for Haiku. Since the poems can only be seventeen syllables long they easily fit into just 140 characters, normally with a few to spare too! From now on I’ll be tweeting Haiku’s on a regular basis, so please follow me if you’d like to read them.

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2013 Six Nations rugby tournament, which I will be watching as much as I can get away with – which in truth is probably just the Wales games, if that.
I’ve always found it to be the sporting event that I most look forward to, other than an Ashes series of course. I think it’s because it involves all the home nations, it’s not too protracted, and rugby is much more watchable than football. At least that’s just my opinion.
So here to get you into the spirit is a Haiku for the six nations.

The drama unfolds
In rain and mud, maul and scrum.
Six to do battle.

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