Thursday, 10 January 2013

Experience in Writing

2012 was a poor year for me in terms of writing; there always seemed to be distractions and more important matters to attend to, but really these were just excuses for not getting on with it. This new blog is my attempt to get back into the saddle.

My plan is to write poems and stories for this blog, along with some thoughts and ideas both about writing and the world. My hope is to make some interesting points, to make people think and also to make them laugh...but of course this will all depend on my own attitude.

Lately the world has felt a slightly negative place to me and this has been very much reflected in some of my more recent blog posts. I wonder whether this happens to all people who write? Can you write without some of your real life impacting upon what you are writing, or is it possible to separate the two and let the real world be the real, and the pretend world be pretend?

I saw an interesting documentary the other day about Tove Jansson and it seemed that whatever was going on in her personal life became part of the books that she wrote, albeit in a somewhat disguised way, but I think to those that knew her it was obvious. I wonder whether it depends upon the personality of the writer as to how much of themselves they put into their writing?

As for myself I think a lot of what I’ve written about has stemmed from either things that I have been experiencing, or things that I have wished that I could experience. My desire for the future is to write with fewer feet in the present and think a bit more freely, without preconceptions and without expectations.

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